A densely populated city state in South East Asia, Singapore sits south of the Malay Peninsula across Johor Straits. The country is made up of Singapore Island and about sixty much smaller islands. It is one of the world’s most prosperous nations with a business friendly regulatory environment and low unemployment rate.

Facts and figures

Population 5,850,342
Population density (people per sq. km of land area) 8,358
GDP per capita in US$ 65,233.28
Main industries Electronics
Petroleum refining
Financial services
Oil drilling equipment
Total office stock in sq m / sq f 55,800,000 sq f (2020)
Total retail stock in sq m / sq f 54,520,000 sq f (2020)
Total industrial stock in sq m / sq f n/a


An economy that’s built from assembling electrical items and oil refining back in the 1970s, Singapore is now a world leader in electronics, pharmaceuticals and financial services. Singapore’s economy is a highly developed free-market economy; it has been ranked as the most open in the world with the 3rd least corrupt, most pro business with low tax rates.


In the years after Singapore’s independence, it has rapidly developed from a low income to a high income country. With that being said, GDP growth in the city state has been amongst the highest in the world with an average of 7.7% since independence and topping 9.2% in the first 25 years. Singapore has the third highest GDP per capita in the world in terms of purchasing power. According to the World Bank, its GDP growth rate is 3.1% as of 2019.

Unique aspects

Singapore is a small country and is actually smaller than many major cities in the world. But don’t let its size fool you, despite it being a small country - the city state has managed to make its mark in the world with some top notch accolades. It is also renowned for having some of the cleanest streets in the world, due to their strong cleaning workforce.

Key cities


Singapore, city, is the capital of the Republic of Singapore. This city, once a distinct entity, came to dominate the island that the Republic of Singapore essentially became a city-state. Singapore is a greenery amidst the city, which is why it is known to be the “garden city”. It is evident in how well manicured and lush the public spaces and even the roads are.

Modern housing estates have cut into some of the city’s traditional cultural hood. Skyscraper hotels and office buildings now blend with the British colonial architecture, Chinese shophouses and Malay Kampongs.

Office overview in Singapore

Selected business districts for rent or lease of office space

Central Area, Singapore

Central Area is the city centre of Singapore. It stands as Singapore’s dynamic city centre because it's the home to many global businesses and financial hubs. The Central Area is a vibrant place, accommodating a wider diversity of uses and more job and business opportunities. Some of the most prestigious companies both local and international have their offices in this densely built area.

Downtown Core, Singapore

The Downtown core is the economic and cultural heart of Singapore. It is a district that reflects Singapore’s position as a leading business and financial hub. The prime office space, supported by a wide range of complementary uses and live in population contributes to the reason why the area is becoming a round the clock vibrant commercial district.

Jurong Lake District, Singapore

The Jurong Lake District is set to become the largest commercial and regional centre outside Singapore’s city centre. It is planned as part of the Urban Redevelopment Authority decentralization efforts to bring in more quality jobs, amenities and recreational options closer to homes.

Retail overview in Singapore

Selected districts for rent or lease of retail space

Orchard Road, Singapore

Orchard Road is a long road in the central area of Singapore. A whole area that’s entirely dedicated to shopping and those looking for a bit of retail therapy. The wide avenue is lined with a lot of shopping centres from the original chinese emporiums to modern megamalls made from steel and glass.

Clarke Quay, Singapore

Clarke Quay and the riverside area includes all the most popular malls in the area, as well as independent arts and crafts shops. Although the area is much known for its huge selection of restaurants, bars and clubs, there are plenty of malls and boutiques to keep even the most avid shoppers entertained.

Industrial overview in Singapore

Selected districts for rent or lease of industrial space

International Business Park, Singapore

The International Business Park is the oldest industrial park in Singapore and was established in 1992. It has gone through continuous developments ever since. Now, The International Business Park is one of the most important research and development centers in Singapore. The International Business Park is located in Jurong and caters to the needs manufacturing companies operating in Jurong and Tuas.

The Singapore Science Park, Singapore

One of the most modern industrial zones in Singapore is The Singapore Science Park. It is dedicated to research and development activities and innovation in Asia. Today, this industrial zone is made of Singapore Science Park 1 and Singapore Science Park 2 which offer amazing facilities for companies operating here.

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