What are the most visited shopping malls in Seoul, Korea?

KOREA - Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is a place marked by towering skyscrapers, modern buildings and impressive architecture. From various plazas, malls and markets, the city is undoubtedly considered a shopper’s paradise with boutiques spilled out across different districts. Seoul has more than just retail havens, rather the shopping malls in the city are filled with exciting activities and immersive experiences making them top destinations in their own right. With so many choices, we have narrowed down some of the most visited shopping malls in Seoul, Korea.

Starfield Coex Mall, Seoul for rent/lease

One of the most visited shopping malls in Seoul is Starfield Coex Mall, the world’s largest underground shopping mall. Coex Mall is located in Gangnam under Korea’s World Trade Center. The mall features convention centers, exhibition halls, and a wide range of other attractions. With over 300 brands, ranging from fashion to beauty, to electronics and entertainment that will have you spend hours browsing, Starfield Coex Mall even has a library named Starfield Library where people can have a space to rest and be entertained with books. With a total area of 165,000 sqm, Starfield Coex Mall leads in trend and culture with a 16-theater megabox cinema, aquarium, arcade, and a kimchi museum.

Mecenatpolis Mall, Seoul for rent/lease

Conveniently located right outside Hapjeong station, Mecenatpolis Mall is an open air mall with a good selection of stores. With 34 floors above ground and 7 basement levels, this convenient shopping stop has quickly become one of the most popular landmarks since its opening. The mall has a unique interior design compared to other malls in the city with its nice alfresco aesthetics, beautiful umbrellas and gardens used for decorations. Often times, there are also performances held at Mecen Garden and the central square.

IFC Mall, Seoul for rent/lease

Designed by world renowned architect and interior design company Benoy, IFC Mall features an exquisite atmosphere and presents a brand shop according to their unique characteristics and branding. IFC Mall is located in Yeouido, Seoul with a total gross floor area of 76,021 sqm and features a variety of local and international brands. It houses elegant restaurants, trend setting fashion brands, cutting edge multiplex theaters and high end supermarkets.

Lotte World Mall, Seoul for rent/lease

Connected to one of Korea’s most beloved theme parks, Lotte World — Lotte World Mall is a huge mall with a total gross floor area of 364,000 square meters that is located in Jamsil. It has a futuristic facade and cozy interiors that entices people to keep going back. Lotte World Mall is seamlessly integrated to a high end department store, entertainment tower and world class concert hall. The mall represents an impressive line-up of attractions including the country’s largest aquarium with more than 650 species and a 21-screen cinema that includes the world’s biggest screen.

Doota Mall, Seoul for rent/lease

Considered as the mall that never sleeps, Doota Mall is one of the largest fashion malls located at Dongdaemun Market. This 8-storey retail mall is open from 10:30am to 5am the next day. It has over 600 stores with familiar brands like Calvin Klein, Charles and Keith, and Reebok. The mall was built in 2014 and has a total size of around 300,000 sq ft to 500,000 sq ft. The first four floors are inspired by the image of a subterranean cave with a secret garden at the 5th and 6th floor. The 7th and 8th floor offers an airy environment that is designed with the concept of in the breeze. Doota Mall has firmly established itself as a global fashion mall in Dongdaemun.