Introducing shopping malls in Surabaya City, Indonesia

INDONESIA - Surabaya City is the second largest city in Indonesia and is one of the cleanest and greenest cities in Indonesia. There are many malls in Surabaya each with its own distinct features and specialties. The retail sector in Surabaya is increasingly driven by the transformation of the mall concept as it impacts and changes one’s lifestyle. Here are some of the shopping malls in Surabaya City, Indonesia.

Pakuwon Mall, Surabaya - retail for rent/lease

Dubbed as the modern icon and the pride of Surabaya, Pakuwon Mall is the largest one stop shopping destination and is the largest shopping complex in Indonesia. Built over time with four phases in total amounts to a total retail area of 180,000 square meters and growing. The second and third phase of the extension was completed in 2017. Pakuwon Mall is occupied by more than 1,000 tenants which offers a diverse range of trade mix. This comprehensive shopping center is also completed with the biggest atriums and convention centers in the city that can host international exhibitions, promotions, gatherings and weddings.

Ciputra World Mall, Surabaya - retail for rent/lease

One of the most famous and popular malls in the city is Ciputra World Mall. It is located in Ciputra World Complex, a massive area that is spread over 9 hectares housing a 3-star hotel, and apartment condominiums. Ciputra World Mall carries stores ranging from budget friendly to high end designer labels. Other than the different luxury brands that the mall carries, Ciputra World Mall is also famous for its multiple events. Ciputra World Mall is a 90,000 sqm shopping mall that has enhanced the reputation of Surabaya into a more modern and international city.

Tunjungan Plaza, Surabaya - retail for rent/lease

Known as the second largest mall in the city, Tunjungan Plaza occupies a massive 160,000 square feet of shopping and amusement space. With more than 500 retail stores, shoppers can shop, eat, watch a movie, engage in games and other amusement activities inside the mall. Tunjungan Plaza is part of the Tunjungan Complex which also houses house offices, apartment condominiums, and the Sheraton Hotel.

Surabaya Town Square, Surabaya - retail for rent/lease

Referred to as Sutos by the locals, Surabaya Town Square has an architecture that is different from the other malls situated in the city as most of the brands are located in an airconditioned building while the other half are in the open. With a half outdoor concept, the free space that Surabaya Town Square offers provides for great live music opportunities. Aside from its unique mall layout, it is also the only mall in the city that closes late - 3am on Saturdays and 12am on weekdays.