Indonesia: Jakarta


Jakarta City is the capital city of Indonesia. The city is located at the mouth of the Ciliwung Riveron Jakarta Bay on the northwest coast of Java, which is by an inlet of the Java Sea. The executive branch of Jakarta is run by a deputy governor and an officially elected governor.

Facts and figures

Population 10,770,487
Total office stock in sq m / sq f 6,600,000 sq m (2020)
Total retail stock in sq m / sq f 4,453,000 sq m (2020)
Total industrial stock in sq m / sq f n/a


Jakarta City is an important global city with major financial institutions in its area such as Bank of Indonesia, Indonesia Stock Exchange, corporate headquarters of numerous indonesian companies, and multinational corporations. The city is home to six of Forbes Global 2000 companies, two Fortune 500 companies and four Unicorn companies.


Jakarta is the major contributor to Indonesia’s economic output, accounting for between one fifth and one quarter of the total if the whole greater Jakarta is included. The gross rating point of the city is about $483.4 billion USD.

Unique aspects

Known as one of the busiest and most populous cities in the world, Jakarta is the center of the fusion of various types of people who come from different ethnicities and races. Before it was known as Jakarta, the city has experienced up to 13 name changes. Jakarta City occupies an area of 661.5 km², the city is so big that it can actually be considered a province. It has gained special capital region but is still commonly referred to as a city.

Office overview in Jakarta

Jakarta, Indonesia - office space for rent, lease or sale

Jakarta is a metropolitan city that is the center of business and government in Indonesia. Five new buildings were completed in 2019. The new completions of building brought total office stock in Jakarta to almost 6.6m sqm. Given that figure, Grade A remains the largest proportion of the total existing stock (39%), followed by Grade B (28%), Premium Grade (23%), and Grade C buildings (10%).

The positive demand growth for office buildings in 2019 was due to the expansion of co-working space operators as well as ecommerce and tech companies. Popular office properties in Jakarta, Indonesia

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